Moving Your Checking Account: A SMARTer Choice!

While checking accounts without monthly or minimum balance fees seem to be a thing of the past, that’s not the case at SMART. Our commitment to saving our members more doesn’t end with great loan and savings rates; you’ll find our checking accounts have far fewer fees than your average big bank on the corner. Switch to SMART and we’ll not only help you save, we’ll guide you through moving your account using our Switch Kit. Call us today at (614) 261-0650 or stop by our Clintonville office  to learn more!


A SMART Place for School Members And Retired Teachers

SMART Federal Credit Union has specialized in serving the unique financial needs of select school district employees for over 65 years. With products and services designed exclusively with educators and retirees in mind, our members see significant savings each year when they borrow and save with SMART. And as a member, you can share those savings with others, like your immediate family or co-workers. Learn more about joining SMART by clicking here or calling us at (614) 261-0650.